International Science Olympiads

The International Junior Science Olympiad

About the IJSO
The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) is an annual individual and team competition in the Natural Sciences for students who are under sixteen years old on 31st December of the competition year. IJSO has been established in recognition of the significance of the Natural Sciences in the general education of young people and in all aspects of their lives. It is a purely educational event.

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Mandate of our Organisation
For the International Junior Science Olympiads, The Science Olympiad Foundation serves the sole purpose of preparing and sending teams to represent the country at the IJSO.
Format of the Examinations
The competition consists of three examinations, a multiple choice examination, a structured theoretical examination and a practical examination. All the examinations have durations of 4 hours (at the international olympiads), and are held on separate days. Each examination is evaluated independently from the other and the sum of the results of the examinations determines a participant's overall result. A scientific jury, which is installed by the host country, suggests the tasks.
History of the IJSO
The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) is an annual science competition for students aged 15 and under. It is one of International Science Olympiads and the only international academical competition that covers physics, chemistry and biology at the same time. The first IJSO was held in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2004. Around 70 countries send delegations of three to six students, plus one to three team leaders, and observers.
Each delegation consists of either three or six students and upto three mentors/teachers (one of them is designated as the head of the delegation or "head mentor"). A delegation may also include a handful of guests and scientific observers. Students must be under the age of 15 by December 31st of the competition year.
Preparation Resources
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The Syllabus
The International Junior Science Olympiad is a general science competition. The IJSO syllabus is therefore not strictly divided into the disciplines biology, chemistry and physics but rather intends to highlight basic general concepts in science. This conceptual approach is also meant to encourage the development of problems of interdisciplinary content and relevance. The syllabus of the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) lists the skills and areas of knowledge the participants should be familiar with for this competition. It thus serves as a guideline for developing tasks to the Scientific Committees of the hosting countries but should also help the leaders of the participating countries to effectively train their students for this competition.

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