International Science Olympiads

The International Mathematics and Science Olympiad

About The IMSO
International Math and Science Olympiad (IMSO) is a worldwide math and science competition for elementary and middle school students under the age of 13. Participants are chosen through a selection process.
Mandate of our Organisation
For the International Mathematics and Science Olympiad, The Science Olympiad Foundation serves the sole purpose of preparing and sending teams to represent the country at the IMSO.
Format of the Examinations
IMSO is an individual competition. The questions consist of 2 parts: theoretical and exploration questions. The questions are constructed based on Mathematics and Science elementary school curricula, reference books, and other relevant sources, which cover intellectual reasoning and creativity. Instructions and questions are in English, and so should the answers be. All other languages will are considered for marking. Participants are not allowed to bring any English dictionaries, books, scientific dictionaries, calculators, and other electronic devices.
History of the IMSO
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Each country is entitled to send 12 students, 6 students for each subject (Maths and Science), and 3 officials (1 team leader and 2 tutors/trainers). Tutors are masters in the substance of primary school Mathematics and Science and have the ability to communicate in English. A delegation may also include a handful of guests and scientific observers. Students must be under the age of 15 and must not be enrolled as regular students in any post-primary education institution. The National Olympiad series are conducted in two stages; the Regional Series and the National Series (Check links below for details about each series.)
The Syllabus
IMSO examinations comprise maths and science sections. The syllabus encompasses science topics learnt at elementary school. You may download the Mathematics Syllabus and Science Syllabus from here