International Science Olympiads

International Young Naturalists Tournament

About the IYNT
TThe IYNT is an inclusive educational network and a prestigious international competition. The IYNT is focused on student participants aged 12 through 16, the age group that has not yet chosen their favorite area of knowledge (physics, chemistry, biology, or other discipline).

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Structure and Format
The IYNT is structured as a team-based competition, wherein participants are grouped into teams, typically representing their respective countries. Each team comprises three to five students who collaborate to address a series of challenging scientific problems. These problems are carefully curated to test not only the participants' understanding of core scientific concepts but also their ability to apply knowledge creatively to real-world scenarios.
IYNT Past Problems
Please visit our resources page to find past problems for the International Young Naturalists Tournament.
Uganda National Team

IYNT 2023 - Almaty, Kazakhstan

Uganda National Team

IYNT 2022 - Tbilisi, Georgia